Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 17

After yesterday's blockbusting Guardian profile, not much to report today. But blogging continues apace.

Gary Munro says: 'I generally like the things I hear David Davis say so I’m hopeful for him. And, although I actually prefer well-spoken, educated politicians - nothing wrong with a bit of class, you know - his working class roots will deaden the accusation that the Conservative Party is a party that only represents the upper classes.'

It's hardly surprising that Gary values good English: he's from the renowned centre of Received Pronunciation- Ilford.

Making a related point over at the Brothers Judd, Bart comments that DD 'can do an end-run around the Wets and appeal to those upwardly mobile voters who support Blair now, but who supported Thatcher in the 80s...He can run as the standard bearer of the Thatcherites against all those upper class twits...Let the toffs move to the Lib Dems where they'd be much happier.'

Which all has echoes of the argument made in that excellent post by Watlington at the Social Affairs Unit Blog: 'Davis was saying that as someone from humble origins who had made it to the top, he knew about aspiration and merit as opposed to privilege and patronage. Herein lies a kernel of a modern Tory story.'

Meanwhile, The Englishman says: 'I'm becoming more attracted to David Davis the more I hear...Howard is quite right in one way to say we don't trust politicians to deliver "tax cuts" - certainly didn't believe his wishy-washy promises. "Tax cuts" aren't just about the money, in fact the money is the minor consideration. It is the concept of rolling back the state and letting people spend their own money how they want, rather than believing in a system that says that 4 out of every 10 pence I earn will be more wisely spent by The Government than I could manage to do.'

To which the splendidly splenetic Rob Read responds:

'I want to hear spending cuts for failure reward schemes. Opt-outs from Individual State programs like the NHS, Pensions and Education. Regulation roll backs. How many extortion funded wednesday grauniad reading non-jobers will be handed p45s.Flat Income-Tax. Lastly I DEMAND tax-cuts.

Contact me when it happens, I'm off to coutries that are already on their way there.'

Which is a shame, because he'll miss the chance to have tea with DD. According to the Midsummer Music Madness Blog, it's the pick of a long list of items to be auctioned in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. Other possibly less enticing lots include a signed photo of the Deputy Prime Minister (this is an event on Humberside), and a Jeffrey Archer signed DVD of A Matter of Honour ("including interview").

Actually, it turns out the Madness took place last month so we've all missed it. Shame.


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