Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"What We Must Do For Britain"

Having just read DD's piece in the last Sunday Torygraph, I feel positively light-headed.

While others are still wibbling on about finding that marshmallow centre, our man is busy serving up the beef:

'...a Tory programme of empowerment has to go much, much further...Let's transfer to parents the state's power and resources to choose their own school, whether it's local authority or independently run...Let's fund and empower patients to choose where they are treated, irrespective of their means, whether it's in a hospital run by the NHS or the independent sector...Let's give local communities control over their local police force through a system of elected commissioners.'

Yes, we know some of this was lurking around somewhere in the last Tory manifesto, but Davis is leading on it. Not the core vote agenda of the Nasty Party, but a programme of aspiration and opportunity for the many, not the few.

And we know these are more than mere words. The whole pitch is underpinned by the detailed policy development work undertaken over the last four years by Nick Herbert and the team at Reform, DD's thinktank.

Philosophy and policy are coming together, and Davis is proving he can articulate the whole in a clear and compelling way.

I think I'd better sit down.


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