Monday, June 20, 2005

Wedding Guest for Davis

Mrs Tyler and I attended a family wedding at the weekend. Nothing whatsoever to do with politics or politicians, but by some strange quirk, a fellow guest turned out to be an unsuccessful Tory parliamentary candidate. And he's known DD for some time (no, it's not Iain Dale).

Cunningly concealing my own hand beneath a slice of wedding cake, I quizzed him on the leadership race and Davis in particular.

He's strongly pro-DD, and like many others sees the proposed member disenfranchisement as the Howard camp's attempt to stop Our Man, and to have Dauphin Cameron crowned instead. But he doesn't think it's going to work.

He was interesting on DD as Party Chairman, given that the slitherers have suggested Chairman Davis never did anything. My fellow guest said this was complete nonsense, and waxed lyrical about the work he personally saw Davis putting in across a number of key constituencies in the South.

His own story also had a familiar ring, slitherwise. During the Hague years he'd tried to get adopted in various constituencies, only to be stymied by the rumour-mongers (see again). It was never entirely clear what the rumour was meant to be about, but in his case, the rumour of a rumour was enough.

Another guest later told me with distressing bluntness that our PPC had been 'shafted by the Party's gay mafia.' I'm a sensitive soul and I nearly choked on the marzipan.

Now at the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious once again, we don't need mafias, gay or otherwise. We need a leader who is strong enough to provide a clear direction, and tough enough to stamp down hard on those who plot for their own faction rather than falling into line to work for the Party's re-election.

The hour is at hand, and we know the man hath already cometh.


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