Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We are not Alone

Our enthusiasm to see David Davis as leader of the party is apparently shared by the majority of the Conservative party.
David Davis, the shadow home secretary, is the overwhelming favourite among local Tories to succeed Michael Howard as party leader, a YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph says today.
Its not just that he is leading, but that the lead is so large.
  • Fifty-four per cent of members name him as their first or second choice
  • David Cameron is named as the first or second choice by 30 per cent of party members.
  • Liam Fox, the shadow foreign secretary, is third with 24 per cent
So the only major challenger at this stage is David Cameron. The Wet’s favourite Ken Clarke is regarded as a non starter by many in the party.
He is seen as completely unacceptable by 54 per cent of party members, with only 19 per cent naming him as their first or second choice.
Asked what they want from a leader:
The poll found that 52 per cent of party members wanted a "staunch Eurosceptic" leader and 37 per cent a leader who was committed to cutting taxes "drastically" and to reducing "greatly" the state's role in society.
We couldn’t agree more.



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