Monday, June 20, 2005

Two Horse Race

Despite the fact that more hats have been thrown into the ring than you could shake a stick at, most backbenchers expect a two horse race.
The Tory benches were coming to accept that the final contest will be between David Davis on the right and one or two "modernising" candidates, probably David Cameron and Sir Malcolm Rifkind.
The fact that most candidates know that they have no real chance, means that they have every incentive to make a deal or otherwise withdraw gracefully, before the real shooting starts. With such a large number of MPs publicly backing Davis, and from such a diverse range of wings of the party the number of potential backers gets smaller by the day.

Even candidates are predicting a two horse race.
Alan Duncan, the transport spokesman and himself a putative leader, appeared to undermine his own prospects by predicting the final battle for the job would be a run-off between Mr Davis and Mr Cameron.
From which the only real result would have to be:

A Davis Victory?



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