Monday, June 20, 2005

Revolting Peasants

We Wat Tylers are always up for it, and it seems from today's Times Tim Hames is joining us. Serf Hames cries 'Come on peasants. revolt!'

'It is time for a peasants’ revolt in the Conservative Party. If I were a typical member I would think that if I am good enough to donate money to it, good enough to raise funds from others for it, good enough to stuff envelopes, good enough to deliver leaflets and good enough to knock on doors, then I am good enough to be asked to decide whether I keep or lose my vote on the party leadership.'

We've already clocked Hames as shifting position to support DD. Today's column echoes much of a previous post here, urging us to grab our scythes and pitchforks, and head for the palace.

My fellow member peasants, friend Hames is right. This is what we must all do:

a) Write/email Chairman Maude objecting to the proposed disenfranchisement.

b) Ditto your Tory MP (if extant), objecting to the change , and asking for an assurance that there will be no repetition of his/her disgraceful 1922 vote.

c) Ditto your constituency chairman, asking for an assurance that he/she will vote against this change at the National Convention (or whatever particular smoke-filled room they intend to use).

Will it work? Scythes and pitchforks against heavily armed medieval knights mounted on mighty steeds and kitted out with those spikey steel balls on chains?

Probably not.

But fortunately we're not up against medieval knights.

Only a bunch of self-obsessed losers who don't even think they can win the argument with fellow party members, let alone the rest of the country.


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