Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Punter News

The Tory Leadership Blog says that 'Punters raise prospect of Andrew Lansley candidacy'.

They base it on a Torygraph report of 'the latest betting odds', which puts Andy on 9/1, ahead of both Rifkind and Clarke on 10/1.

Which is strange because Lansley's still at 14/1 with William Hill, and 16.5/1 with Betfair. Maybe there's a riskless arbitrage between them and the Torygraph's odds.

Or more likely somebody's trying to jump start AL's conked out leadership bid because all the other non-DD candidates have broken down themselves. They reckon they must be able to get one of these wrecks going again. Or maybe they can cannabalise two to make one good one. (See Serf's post below).

Much better listen to the experts. Quote from Warren Lush of Ladbrokes 'The money screams that David Davis is going to be the next leader. We've taken hundreds of bets on him.'

(Thanks again to Woody)


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