Sunday, June 12, 2005

Portillo Backs Davis

I hope it's not the kiss of death, but Miguel really is backing our man. He says:

'Will Davis be right for the Tories? My answer to that is a definite maybe. He might just have it in him. If I were still in parliament I would consider voting for him.'

Which is about as strong an endorsement as you're ever going to get.

Particular points he likes?

'You have to be impressed by this shrewd political operator...also has a remarkable knack with people...he is acquainted with real life in a way that few Tories are...even though the media have wearied of hearing about it, his background remains an asset for him.

It is impressive that he has spoken out against identity cards and the government’s disregard for human rights in its anti-terrorism legislation. Nonetheless he is seen as a right-wing figure (which will help him to be chosen by MPs). Even so I would not be surprised if once elected he emerges as a Trojan horse for the modernisers.'

He also asks why it is that Davis is 'not much liked' by colleagues? He thinks 'perhaps it is because the ambition is not disguised, and smugness never quite leaves the face.'

Sound familiar at all?

PS DD's odds have now shortened even further, to 0.8/1, equivalent to a probability of 56 per cent.


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