Monday, June 20, 2005

One More Reason

If you need another reason to back Davis, then the Tub of Lard otherwise known as Roy Hattersley is happy to oblige.

Gloating about the decline of the Conservative Party he has this to say about the leadership candidates:
So, if the nasty party is unelectable and the moderate party is unattainable, what can the Tories be? The alternatives - as revealed by the leadership hopefuls - seem to be the boring party (Malcolm Rifkind), the self-satisfied party (Liam Fox), the weird party (John Redwood) and the party led by David Davis, who is publicly identified as the most rightwing of all the contenders. Surely Tory MPs, who insist that they make the choice themselves, realise that another move to the right is the last thing their party needs?
Roy, it may have slipped your attention, but Mr Davis is fast gaining followers among the modernisers, because they believe he has what it takes to lead. Like a true Conservative, he is also concerned that the government focus its efforts on the disadvantaged, not waste them on the rest of us.

Could it be that you are trying to persuade dithering Tories that they should vote against the leader most likely to strike a chord with the British people?

Do you not realise that your scorn is what every potential Conservative leader wishes to wear with pride?



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