Sunday, June 26, 2005

New Leadership Poll

Last night I conducted a scientific leadership poll among a sizable sample of party members

Over glasses of the finest Bulgarian champagne, it quickly became apparent why the 'anyone but DD' camp are so desperate to disenfranchise us. Apart from our man, the only other candidate even near the radar is Doc Fox.

Ken? Too old and too Europhiliac.

Cameron? Too young and nothing known about him.

Rifkind? Too John Major and too...well...

Willetts? Too academic.

Duncan ? Yeo ? Too lightweight.

It was all very like that seminal tome 'Old Hat New Hat' by Doctor Seuss. Too tall. Too short. Too feathery. Too I-really-wish-we-had-someone-more-like-you-know-that-Tony-Blair-to-appeal-to-all-those-housewives'.

Only one hat is going to fit us properly, and the sooner we recognise that, the sooner we can stop 'we're all Eurosceptics now' Blair grabbing the rest of our clothes.


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