Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MPs Elbow Members Aside

So you MPs on the 1922 Committee have voted among yourselves to grab back from we party members the power to select our leader.

It makes us want to scream.

Point 1: This is 2005, not 1922. Today is about democracy, not some smoke-filled room at the Carlton Club. Even the Labour Party now give members a direct say in picking the leader.

Point 2: This party belongs to all of us. We work for it, fund it, support it through thick and thin, and we are entitled to have it represent us democratically.

Point 3: We know how you reckon in 2001 we elected a hopeless buffoon to lead us. But Jeez, it was you guys who put him on the shortlist, and your proposed alternative was a provocative, already over-the-hill arch-Europhile who'd slept with Tony. Give us a break.

Point 4: What on earth makes you think you're better equipped than us to choose? You chose Major and Hague, in preference to the obvious front runners. Your record says you're more concerned with stopping successful, but in your eyes overly ambitious, colleagues than in finding the right person to do the job.

Point 5: How come this was all sprung on us after the election, with no time for proper discussion?

You have let us down badly, and we are very angry about it.

Ideally, we should argue the toss here and now. But as somebody said last night, we've already pissed about quite enough and we've just 'got to get on with it'.

So get on with it, and let's just pray you pick the man who is now the overwhelming choice of party members.

And once he's in the saddle, we want a proper inclusive grown-up discussion about how a modern democratic party should chose its leader.

We might start modernising by updating your Bertie Wooster era backbench committee.

UPDATE: Tory Leadership Blog quotes an anonymous MP as saying:

"Last night's meeting was like a meeting of 1970s trade unionists. There was no secret ballot - just a show of hands. When some MPs asked for a recount of one of the votes, other MPs shouted them down. It is ironic that the Conservative Party - that, under Margaret Thatcher, forced the trade unions to democratise their proceedings - has now voted for the elite of MPs to rob rank-and-file Conservative members of any direct say in the Party's next leader."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The right wing of the party has had 8 years at the helm of the Tory party, and has been utterly ineffective. Even the idea of another hanger and flogger, that'll spend airtime droning on about the Sterling, "immigrants" and the Federal European Nightmare, is enough to make a rock solid Tory voter like myself, consider enough really is enough.
The members of the Party voted overwhelmingly for a gentlemen called Iain Duncan Smith as opposed to picking a sure fire winner, Ken Clarke. I'm normally one for affording people second chances, but in this case the MPs would be insane to let the Tory members have another go, since they're clearly potty.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous lauderdalelad said...

The one thing that can be said of David Davis is that he is consistent. He has been consistent in his treachery; firstly to john Major; then to Ian Duncan Smith and currently to Michael Howard. No doubt he will continue in the same vein after he has failed in his leadership bid to whomsover it is that has taken up the poisoned chalice.

9:55 AM  

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