Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Slithering Under the Rocks

According to the Recess Monkey:

'David Davis's campaign manager, Iain Dale, is frantic about a so-called "killer" story that would scupper his man's chances. Dale is thought to be asking around the Lobby for details of anything DD might have done that would cause a problem.'

Killer story, huh?


We think it's a simple recurrence of what used to be called Portillista Pustule: that slimey smeary stuff that often got squirted over non-Portillistas.

For a complete diagnosis see here.

Doctor Dale is right to identify the source of the infection. And of course, any carriers should understand that treatment will involve ruthless surgery in due course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wat Tyler is David Davis lovechild. You heard it here first.

Not sure if this will ruin or improve DD's chances though!

2:07 PM  

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