Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More Moderniser Angst

As David Davis continues to lead the field by a wide margin, we have seen a large number of potential candidates launch dummy campaigns. This has lead to a crowded field before the official launch of the leadership contest or any candidates part in it.

Which such a strong performance from Davis, few others from the right are considering entering the race. Their chances are better served by declaring for him once the cold war ends.

Conversely, the lack of a real leader among the modernisers has lead to everyone wanting to take their chance. This is generating consternation in that wing of the party.
Modernisers fear Mr Davis could establish an unassailable lead over the summer or, alternatively, launch a pre-emptive strike.
Against which their only hope is to field a single strong candidate.
Tim Yeo, one of numerous the modernisers cited as a likely candidate, urged the party's liberal wing to unite behind one person.
But until such time that a single opponent surfaces, Davis’s campaign will continue to go from strength to strength.



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