Thursday, June 30, 2005

Moneymen Place Their Bets

According to the Guardian, Lord Harris, 'a Eurosceptic carpet baron who gave millions to the party when it was led by Margaret Thatcher and John Major,' is now backing David Cameron.


According to the Electoral Commission, Harris has given about 140 grand since 2001, both directly and through Harris Ventures. Quite a lot of carpets.

And quite important given the widely rumoured bankruptcy of our apparently highly leveraged party.

But as the Guardian acknowledges, DD is still some way ahead in the moneymen stakes, with supporters including Lord Kalms who has given well over half a mill in the same period.

Kalms says Davis "understands the importance of the Conservative belief in freedom and the way it is best achieved through a smaller state with lower taxes, [and] that it's essential to marry that belief with a commitment to social justice".

Spot on, my Lord.

Now where's that chequebook?


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