Monday, June 06, 2005

In the Sunday Telegraph, David Davis set out his vision for what kind of Conservative Party he believes in. His most important message:

David Davis calls on the Conservative Party today to stop talking about itself and start talking about what it can do for Britain.

A self obsessed party is never going to win the trust of the British People.
If we aren't interested in changing the way the country works, but only in chasing after an ebbing political tide, then we will earn nothing but ridicule.
We should not abandon timeless Tory principles that are universal in their appeal. Why should anyone believe us if we believe nothing ourselves?
The constant battles concerned with following the tide, reinforce the opinion that the party is only interested in power.

So what is the party for:
Mr Davis said the party existed to "speak up for Britain, to stand up against intrusive government, and to reach out to those who need help in order to help themselves
It is beliefs like this that make Mr Davis the best available leader of the party. Setting out a vision for the country that is based on Conservative principles is the only way back to power. It is the only good reason for wanting that power.

James over at Once More, agrees with us.



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