Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't Do It Theresa

The Tory Leadership Blog picks up the continuing speculation that Theresa May is considering a leadership bid. Our old friend Mary Ann Seighart is certainly in favour, taking a few more swipes at Our Man along the way.

Now, very well done to Theresa for speaking out in defence of us members on leadership voting rights. According to reports, she was one of the few attendees at last week's 1922 meeting to vote against the MPs egregious power grab, and told R4 Today:

“We must be acutely aware of the message that such a decision would send to voters. If this is indeed representative of how we plan to behave, then we will be out of touch and out of power.”

Go, girl.

But the leadership?

The state-educated daughter of a parson, Theresa is a decent thoughtful Tory, intelligent and hard-working. She has some public profile, if only through her shoes, and she relates very well to many voters. We need lots more like her.

But she's famously nice, not nasty. And managing those Tory MPs is like trying to bag-up a marauding pack of hungry ferrets. They destroyed Major, Hague, and IDS. Even 'something of the night' decided to jump at the earliest opportunity.

I really wouldn't want to watch while those little varmints tore Theresa limb from limb. We've had enough blood- we need some order.

But DD should definitely get her on the team.


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