Thursday, June 16, 2005

Davis Too Dry For Economist

This week's Economist (sub required) joins many others in the MSM in yearning for Mr Anyone-But-DD. The Bagehot column says:

'Mr Blair's synthesis of economic efficiency and social justice is something that Tories should seek to improve on, not oppose. When Mr Davis says that he regards Blairism as an “ebbing tide” that Tories should not be panicked into chasing, he is making the mistake of confusing Mr Blair, who will not be around for much longer, with Blairism, which is very likely to be.'


Synthesis of economic efficiency and social justice? Do they mean that Third Way nonsense that I spent a couple of years trying to fathom out before I finally realised it was just another squidgy cowpat of socialist wishful thinking? Or do they mean the deal whereby you gorge the economy on a high fat diet of debt and public spending in the hope that something will turn up before the bills come in?

And Blairism? Is that the idea that Labour can win if it has a nice smiley regular Tory at the top?

The Economist goes on to stress '...the need for the Tories to reoccupy the centre ground of British politics, where elections are usually won. Mr Davis seems to think that this would suggest a lack of faith in Tory principles that would compare unfavourably with the ideological confidence he remembers from the glory days of the 1980s. In doing so, he ignores the single most important reason for the Tories' electoral failure: how completely Mr Blair has changed what and where that centre ground is.'

The Economist used to be as dry as a bone. On the 150th anniversary of its founding by a Scottish hat manufacturer, it boasted:

'The Economist has... remained true to its founder's underlying faith... laisser-faire...analysing facts in the light of consistent principles and drawing rational conclusions leads almost inevitably to the recommendation of unpalatable medicine. Since laisser-faire is founded on the bedrock of individual responsibility, logically it requires people to pay the price for their own imprudence.'

Today it's following the FT down the metro-elite's chosen path of centrism, 'social justice', and statism.

Time to cancel that sub.


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