Thursday, June 23, 2005

Davis Stands Up For Free Speech

Thanks to Bishop Hill for highlighting DD's excellent contribution to the debate on the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill (the one that Lord Blackadder objects to):

'Above all, a basic principle is at stake. We believe that the best way to target someone who hates others because of what they believe is through the force of argument, rather than the law. Criminal law should be used to punish people who do injury to the person, the property or the liberty of the individual, not simply offend their beliefs or feelings.'

Bang on. Our PC/nanny state has already compromised far too many of our freedoms with half-baked, unnecessary, and unenforceable laws.

And for those who still say DD hasn't yet explained what he stands for, here's a clear stake in the ground- a robust defence of freedom of speech, explained in normal everyday language. Strong and credible.


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