Monday, June 13, 2005

Davis Does Humph

DD faced up to J Humphrys on R4 Today this am.

As we would expect, he gave a very assured performance, relaxed and good humoured, but also hard hitting and precise.

We particularly enjoyed the way he didn't let H get away with his usual generalised anti-Tory assertions, but nailed him down. From memory:

JH: We don't know what your party stands for...

DD: Freedom, choice...

JH: Yes, but freedom- that's motherhood and apple pie.

DD: Well, John you say that, but since I've been Shadow Home Secretary, I've had to defend jury trial, the right not to be detained without trial...

JH: Yes, OK but...

DD: No, let me finish the point...etc etc

JH: Yes, yes...but apart from all that, what have the Tories ever done for us?

And he dealt in similar style with niggly questions on choice (swipe at Lib Dems), dumping Howard ('Michael has earned the right to go at a time of his own choosing'), party divisions ('we will have a united party and a shadow cabinet of all the talents'), ASBOs ('they're just not working because breaches are not followed up'), and Europe ('Labour has given away Britain's interests- eg Social Chapter- and got nothing in return).

All right, Humph is way past his sell-by date and really should stick to 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'.

But trust me, our man was excellent.


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