Friday, June 10, 2005

Bruce Anderson boost for DD

Still catching up after the hols, I've just read Bruce Anderson's extaordinarily supportive pieces in the Torygraph and the Independent (subs required but summary here). Brucie reckons:

'Davis has never said, written or done anything to suggest that he is anywhere near prime ministerial the Despatch Box, he sounded like a freshly captured slave who had just been chosen to become a signs of activity...unsatisfactory...unpopular...over-promising...etc etc'

All of which is excellent news for DD. Because of course, this is the same contrary indicator pomposity who:

'...hailed John Major after Margaret Thatcher was deposed - only to change his mind. Just as he celebrated the arrival of William Hague, only to say that he wasn't up to the job. Just as he first endorsed, then dumped, then reinstated Iain Duncan Smith as the party's potential saviour, only to ditch him again.'

The only thing I am concerned about is that Bruce is rather keen on David Cameron, who we'd got down as the other half of our dream ticket.

Might need to think about that.


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