Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Boy Done Good

Much praise this morning for Our Man's Commons performance during the ID cards debate. The Torygraph rates his speech 'one of the best he has given'. All the more impressive given the comparison with his portly opponent across the floor:

'Mr Davis does not have the advantage of looking like John Bull: he is a thin fellow who at a guess consumes only a quarter of the food and drink put away by Mr Clarke.'

I later watched DD interviewed by Martha Kearney on Newsnight. He gave a serious measured performance, despite being stood outside in the rain with sheets of water running off his umbrella. In another classic of BBC bias, the government minister was then interviewed in the warm and dry.

(BTW, the interview was a good reminder of why poor Martha has been passed over for the top BBC politics job. At one point she asked DD if Clarke hadn't 'shot his fox' (Gawd, I'll scream if I hear that mangy old cliche break cover again) by promising to cap the cost of ID cards. Davis had to point out to her that 'capping the cost' didn't actually do that- it just left the taxpayer to pick up the tab, as per).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Davis really doesn't come across that well when being interviewed (he was dreadful on Channel 4 News). Something he really needs to work on.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Wat Tyler said...

I didn't see the C4 interview, but I have to confess that Mrs Tyler also worries about his interview style. Sometimes too dull, sometimes too chuckly, sometimes too mumbly.

So I agree it'e something he must work on.

But look, we have to go with one of the leadership contenders actually on offer. And for all the reasons set out in this blog, DD is streets ahead of the alternatives.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless that alternative is Liam Fox!

10:03 PM  

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