Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 15

In a masterstroke of understatement, Blimpish calls DD 'The Saviour of the Nation'. He says:

'Davis... doesn't come across as a freak or a weirdo...he is a not-the-Notting-Hill-Tories man, but without being a 1980s Thatcher retread...and he believes in stuff!'

He also makes a vital point about communication:

'...even better is how he articulates it all. One thing I think Tories need to work on is language - we talk too much about means and features, rather than ends and benefits, and we lose the clarity necessary to find common ground with voters. Not so DD, who also seems to recognise the problem in communication.'

Well said.

But somewhat overshadowed by the support for DD from Grumpier Old Men:

'The best news of all is that the favourite to become the new Tory leader is David Davis, quite the grumpiest of all the contenders. There are signs that he may be too grumpy, and to have offended too many people he needs to vote for him, but we can live in hope.

My favourite grumpy Davis moment came a year or so ago when I met Stanley Johnson, father of Boris, at a reception. He told me he had been a member of the European parliament and would like to return. Did I know how he should set about getting a seat? I told him that he was in luck. The then chairman of the Conservative Party, David Davis, was present and I would introduce him. Stanley asked the chairman what he should do.

This conversation ensued: DD: you could start by writing to me at Central Office, provided you don’t mind getting my pro forma letter in reply. SJ: Ah, what does that say? DD: It says ‘no’.

I must say that did make me smile...until I realised that GOM seems to be some kind of marketing device for the truly appalling Simon Hoggart.

Sorry about that.


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