Friday, June 17, 2005

Another DD Profile

The Times gives us another DD profile, written by Andrew Pierce.

Davis has guarded his private life and, in particular his family, very carefully. But a leader has to open up. So several interesting new snippets here, including a 30 minute visit to 11 Downing Street in 1966 to see Callaghan. It was the prize for winning a school essay competition (yes, the second prize was probably an hour visit).

His classmates at Tooting Bec Grammar also voted him the boy most likely to be Prime Minister by 25, a verdict endorsed later when he was at the LSE. Fellow student John Blundell, now director-general of the IEA, says: “We joked that I would become director-general of the IEA, Michael [Forsyth] would be Scottish Secretary and David would be leader of the Conservative Party. So far it’s two out of three.”

Elsewhere there's also some more detail on how he traced his father and met him for two hours in a London pub: “I was nervous and he was slightly embarrassed.”

But the best bit is this quote from his school magazine: “2nd XV have pounded their way to victory, suicidally led by D.M. Davis”.

It used to be called grit. And right now, we need a bucket-full.


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