Thursday, May 12, 2005

YouGov poll

A post-Election Yougov poll put DD at level pegging with Ken Clarke among Conservative voters.

When asked who should succeed Michael H, 16 per cent of Tories backed DD, the same as backed KC. Doc Fox was next on 6 per cent.

Among all voters, KC stayed on 16 per cent, while DD fell back to 7 per cent. Pretty uninspiring, albeit ahead of Fox, Rifkind, and Redwood, all on 3 per cent.

With KC not standing, clearly there's a lot of work to do for whoever wins. 47 per cent were don't knows, probably don't-know-any-of-them.

Dave, you're going to have to get that extreme sports stuff bigged up. Got any old videos of swimming down waterfalls, jumping off mountains, wrestling alligators, etc?


Blogger Serf said...

Clarke comes out well among the general public because they know who he is.

Tories on the other hand are either Clarke Supporters or they hate him. He would be the most Divisive leadership candidate of the lot.

That said, were I leader I would give him a good job because despite his Quisling tendencies, he is capable and popular with the public at large.

10:50 AM  

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