Thursday, May 19, 2005

Winding up New Labour

One of DD's electoral attractions is that he's a serious wind-up for New Labour's most vacuous representatives on Earth.

Take Stephen, or as he prefers to be known, Steve Pound, MP for Ealing North.

I know we should avoid personal abuse, but he's that ghastly bald twat who looks like Mister Punch and is forever pontificating on the BBC. Most recently he popped up on last Friday's Have I Got News For You. Gratifyingly he was miles out of his depth and got thoroughly humiliated.

He's also the MP who pushed himself forward for the Today Programme's notorious "Listeners' Law" fiasco. That was when listeners were invited to vote for a law which Steve would table as a private member's bill in the Commons. Steve and those BBC lefties imagined listeners would choose something like banning 4x4s, or increasing gay parenting rights.

Actually, as you will recall, listeners voted overwhelmingly for the Tony Martin Shoot-Burglars-On-Sight Law. At which point, Pound showed his true democratic colours by refusing to play any more. Snatching the ball, he stalked off muttering "the people have spoken- the bastards."

He's also the one who saw his vote in Ealing fall by 12 per cent, with a 6.4 per cent swing to the Tories- much higher than the London average.

Anyway, him.

Back in 2003, when DD made his principled and personal statement about the death penalty for serial killers, Steve puffed himself up to his full height and opined:

'Climbing onto the scaffold isn’t the best way to raise your profile and I hope that David Davis realises now the seriousness of his words.

We know that the death penalty certainly does not deter.' (er...actually Steve, we know nothing of the kind- the homicide rate in this country has tripled since the abolition of capital punishment!)

'I find that introducing mathematics into the morality of murder is contemptable.' ( is your spelling old mate, but we don't go on about that)

'The appalling insensitivity of raising the issue in the middle of the heartbreaking Soham murder trial may make many people turn away from David Davis’ words.

I firmly believe that no Christian, nor anyone who respects and reveres the unique gift of life, could countenance a return to the dark days of the death penalty.

To believe in life is to believe in the possibility of redemption.To deny redemption is to deny our maker.Every time that I make the case for continued abolition I am smugly reminded of the Old Testament lines of “an eye for an eye”. How few people take the trouble to read Matthew 5:39.' etc, etc.

Now in my book, anyone who can provoke such a quality outpouring of pompous claptrap from vacuous holier than thou glove puppets like Pound has to be worth a hundred seats just on his own.

That's the way to do it!


Blogger Jez said...

Would you please learn to hold a logical argument before heaping ad hominems on people? If you have a different opinion from someone, you should be able to put forward rational reasons. Good luck!

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