Monday, May 16, 2005

Tim Hames repents

Tim Hames seems to be repenting his previous negative view of DD, whom he once described as 'a self-made man who worships his creator'.

Noting Howard's preference for the Notting Hill set, he says they are in fact 'a solution to a problem that the Conservatives are already making some progress towards addressing — electoral failure in and around the capital...If one draws a line from the Bristol Channel to the top of the Wash, two electorates emerge...The Conservatives need a set of Newcastle Geordies more than they need the toffs of Notting Hill.'

So the man Matthew Parris once described as “a Midlands biscuit factory manager”, now looks just the ticket.

Because 'it is precisely the provincial, professional classes whom the Tories have to claw back. Many journalists have asserted that Mr Davis has the right biography but the wrong policy instincts. He could return fire by contending that it is considerably easier for a politician to reconsider his stance on issues than to recast his upbringing.'

What's more, those mid-vintage MPs of the 1992/97 intakes- people like David Willetts, Damian Green, Andrew Lansley, Theresa May, Alan Duncan and Caroline Spellman- would be well advised to support DD. Otherwise they are likely to find themselves generation skipped.

'To my surprise, I must admit, my view is that, if they cannot unite around one of their own, they could do worse than throw in their lot with Mr Davis. Whatever direction this key set of MPs decides to take, it must be decisive. The Conservatives cannot afford another botched leadership process.'


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