Thursday, May 26, 2005

Steam Up For Early Howard Exit

The Telegraph led on it, senior backbenchers including Damian Green, Edward Leigh, Quentin Davies, and Bill Cash, are openly calling for it, and this morning the Chingford Polecat sprang out of the undergrowth to sink his claws into it.

So can Howard survive until Christmas?

Of course, he maintains he wants to stay to oversee his planned corporate restructuring.

But the fact is that's already in tatters. 'Decoupling' is now the very best he can hope for, achieving little other than disenfranchising the membership.

Is that how he wants to be remembered?

One thing's for sure, the longer this fighting goes on, the less credible it is for Howard favourite David Cameron to take over. He just doesn't have the experience, and his balls have yet to be tempered in the furnace.

Which means it's DD or...or...oh, no, please not that...not Ken.

Maybe the Times piece by Dean Godson is far too close to the mark when it asks 'Is the Conservative Party sleep-walking into a Ken Clarke leadership?' and answers 'Unlikely as it seems, and disastrous as it would be, Tory rule changes offer a new chance to Kenneth Clarke.'

We couldn't really have one sixty-something survivor from that famous 1959 Brideshead Lookalike Competition handing over to another.

Could we?


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