Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sitting Up and Taking Notice

News of our man's chances of success have reached our cousins over the great sea. The Washington Times repeats some of the things that are being said about Davis in the UK media:
Davis ticks all the right boxes for a modern Tory leader. As the child of a single mother and the grandson of a committed communist, adopted by a Polish Jewish printmaker and raised on a council estate, he is considered to have wider appeal than members of the "old Etonian" camp.
The charismatic Davis is also a winner in the personality stakes, which after the Conservative experience with the eminently forgettable Iain Duncan Smith and the spine-chilling Howard will be considered something of an imperative. Possessing both charm and gravitas, Davis turns in a compelling television performance and debates with skill and confidence.
If we combine these personal attributes with this:
"I'm a low-tax Tory, I always have been. I take the view that high taxes make everything go, make everybody poorer.
Its easy to see why people who actually consider themselves Conservatives should support him.

After a period when Conservative Leaders' names have been mud in Washington, his early foray into the pages of the press there is welcome.



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