Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shagged Out

Unsurprisingly, Simon Hoggart wasn't impressed by DD's performance in the Commons yesterday:

'One of the arguments used against him by some colleagues is that he is a trifle lazy, and he didn't do much to counteract that belief, sitting slumped on the bench with his feet up.

In short, you felt his mind wasn't on the matter in hand. As a consequence, the speech was thrillingly OK, resoundingly not bad, commandingly all right, I suppose.

As one Tory says, "David is so clever that all this speech-making stuff bores him to death.
"And if he bores himself, think what he'll do to the electorate."

Well, except that most electors are sick to death of all that hi-falutin' speechifyin'. Lord knows, we don't need another old time snake-oil salesman, however entertaining. We need some beef.

And if I were Hoggart, I wouldn't go on about spending the afternoon oggling some poor woman's breasts. I mean, isn't he the one who shared Kimberley Quim with that other sadly deluded superstud David Bonkett?

Meanwhile, according to the Evening Standard:

'Former supporters of Kenneth Clarke and Michael Portillo admit they are in "despair" at their failure to find a candidate to take on Tory leadership favourite David Davis.

One former supporter of Mr Portillo, who quit Parliament at the election, said: "Nobody is yet emerging as a figure capable of uniting our wing of the party and we are beginning to despair of finding one."

A leading Clarkite, meanwhile, admitted: "There isn't a glimmer of any single candidate breaking through at the moment. There is no shortage of candidates - but none of them have got any steam up."



Blogger esbonio said...

Hoggart's views do not surprise me at all.

What is of more concern is the apparent disconnect between what I assume most Conservative supporters want (DD as the next leader) and what the media is suggesting a significant part of the parliamentary party want (a cuddly thing with run me down in the middle of the road centrist views). If one accepts this as a working hypothesis then changing the election procedure now is a blatant attempt at disenfranchisement which will only lead to more trouble. They really take the biscuit.

1:51 PM  

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