Thursday, May 12, 2005

Runners down to three?

According to the Independent the runners and riders are now down to three- DD, Doc Fox, and Rifkind.

'A senior Tory shadow minister told The Independent: "George won't run. He's too young and he knows it would not do him any good. The same applies to David Cameron."

William Hague, the former leader, and a close friend, also hinted that Mr Osborne would not run. "I don't think he is too young for the job he is doing now," said Mr Hague. "Whether he stands for the leadership will be up to him."

The modernisers are still seeking a candidate, but MPs said it was unlikely they will back any of the main contenders, including Tim Yeo, Andrew Lansley or Alan Duncan. Ken Clarke is unlikely to back Mr Davis, but the Davis camp would like his support.

Mr Hague and Oliver Letwin, the former shadow Chancellor, ruled themselves out of the race. "I certainly will not be standing for the leadership, however many people ask me to," said Mr Hague. Mr Letwin said: "I am not going to contest this time. I think one has to know one's limits."

So, are we s'posed we can take any of that at face value?


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