Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Portillistas back Davis"

According to the Evening Standard:

'So-called "Portillista" MPs, who once backed Michael Portillo's bid for the top job, have decided that their home affairs spokesman offers the best chance of the party regaining power.

The backbenchers believe that rising Tory stars David Cameron, 38, and George Osborne, 33, are too young to take over the leadership.

They also feel that former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind is too old and too tainted by links to the Major government to reconnect with millions of voters lost to Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

"DD [as Mr Davis is known] is the man for the job. He has the experience but also the right image we need to get back in touch," one MP said.'

Now, in the absence of names, just what do we make of this?

Has it been put about by the Fox, or even Yeo, camp in an attempt to kibosh the other anti-DD candidates?

Has it been put about by DD supporters in an attempt to speed the bandwagon?

Has it been made up by the Evening Standard?

And even if it's true, how many Portillistas are we actually talking about here? Two? Three?

Which is precisely why the Party needs to get on with the election.

Six months of unattributable campaigning like this- while great fun for the participants- will do nothing but corrode morale even further.


Blogger Dave J said...

Agreed. If Davis can count enough votes among MP's for a plurality, the sooner he pushes for a leadership context under the current rules, the better, because opposition to him, while considerable (don't ask me why) is still fragmented among multiple candidates. Oh, and Ken Clarke still doesn't appear to be running, thank God.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Serf said...

Maybe the Portillistas have finally realised that the ideal candidate is one that is actually still interested in politics :)

7:54 AM  

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