Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Other runners

The aim is for this blog to be positive about DD rather than negative about the other runners.

But for a good helping of negativity you might want a squint at Richard North's post Raiding the Nursery:

'Now, we all know that the Tory gene poll is somewhat shallower than a tiny tot's foot dip but did Howard really have to raid the nursery to find a shadow chancellor? Furthermore, this one, at a mere 33, is the very type of Tory Boy that engenders detestation of the breed.

Just as bad is the other "rising star", former pre-election policy supremo David Cameron, a "moderniser" and Howard's heir apparent. At 39, he is another Oxbridge product and career politician, with about as much charisma as a year-old pork pie.

The post of shadow foreign secretary goes to ex-party co-chairman Dr Liam Fox, currently chairman of the Liam Fox appreciation society and mounter of the greasy pole – pretend Eurosceptic but believer in not very much at all, except himself.'

You've got to laugh I s'pose.


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