Monday, May 23, 2005

Now What Do I Get for my Fifteen Quid?

So the Party really is going to disenfranchise the members:

'Under the new rules for leadership contests, it is understood that any MP gaining the support of 10 per cent of his parliamentary colleagues could be put forward as a candidate to the party's national Convention, which brings together around 900 local association chairmen and other senior party figures.

The Convention would vote on the candidates, ranking them in order of popularity, but it would be for MPs to make the final decision on who would become leader.'

So I, along with Mrs Tyler and 300,000 other members, we're to lose our shareholder rights and once again be reduced to the status of unpaid employee/customer (see previous post).

Yes, we know we elected IDS. But only because the MPs put him forward against Ken. I went to one of the hustings meetings where Ken spent his whole speech talking about Europe. No wonder he lost.

And these MPs are the same guys who elected young Hague, of the bald head and funny voice, only to spend the next four years stabbing him in the back.

The same ones who elected John Major, of the underpants funny voice, only to...ah, spend the next six years stabbing him in the back.

Those guys.


Well, all I can say is they'd better make DD leader.

Or I might be forced to vote with my wallet.


Blogger Blimpish said...

The members elected IDS, but the MPs elected John Major. Nobody's perfect...

10:54 PM  
Blogger esbonio said...

Who on earth do they think they are? The arrogance of this action would be unbelieveable were we not able to recall their track record. With the exception of DD, I get more and more concerned the more I learn about the expected candidates. Without the loyalty of members and the core vote the Tory party would have been history following the disgraceful ejection of Thatcher, the disastrous Black Wednesday etc etc. Talk about the Bourbons. God help them.

7:30 AM  
Blogger Wat Tyler said...

I like the Bourbons reference. Didn't we peasants eventually rise up and cut off their bonces? Although I suppose they did leave behind those chocolate biccies. What's Francis Maude going to leave us?

9:22 AM  

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