Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Not Davis Candidate

Conservative Home is looking for a Not Davis candidate.
So where is he, Mr not-Davis? It seems that the not-Davis wing of the Party is incapable of agreeing on a champion. And no wonder, because none of the obvious candidates are obviously inspiring.
The leader so far seems to be Mr Clarke and thats a no hope for a start.

Its not that the Guys at Conservative Home don't like Mr Davis:
Then there is the question of how exactly he intends to revive the Party he hopes to lead. No doubt he intends to tell us in due course, but we need a rival vision to compare it against: hence the need for a stop-Davis candidate, whether or not he needs to be stopped.
You have to admit, there is a good deal of logic in that argument. Whilst we are certain that he doesn't need to be stopped, I for one would welcome an open and honest discussion about where the Conservative party goes from here.

So Mr Not Davis, where are you?


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