Friday, May 20, 2005

Non-Bloggers for Davis 1

Post George Osborne's withdrawal, the World At One carried interviews with MPs Julie Kirkbride and Ian Taylor, both of whom backed DD.

Moderniser Kirkbride, who has previously backed both Portillo and Clarke for leader, said:

β€œI think that he will create what we call down here in Westminster a sort of narrative of the Conservative Party... David has had a big rise from his humble origins. David came from a single-parent family when a great deal more discrimination applied to single families... He climbed up from that position to be a successful businessmen and to now be in a senior position in the Conservative Party.”

Taylor, previously a strong Clarke supporter, was a little less definitive, but the thrust was clear:

β€œIn my view, David Davis will have to reach out to the One Nation Conservative vote and beyond to the several percentage points that we need to gain that are not currently voting for us... It is possible for a candidate who is deemed to be more on the right wing of the Tory Party to do that as well as a candidate on the left.”

Eric Forth, a longtime DD supporter, also restated his backing.


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