Thursday, May 19, 2005

More DD support

Andrew Mitchell, long-time supporter of DD and expected to be his campaign manager, tells the Times:

“There has been a lack of confidence in approaching the health and education agenda and it is interesting to note that this agenda was first addressed by David when he was chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. He was one of the first Conservatives to grasp this point."

New Tory thinking, which includes a form of voucher system, is “enormously exciting”. “It has the ability to resonate the way right-to-buy did for council house owners, spreading power and ownership as widely as possible throughout society."

As we've commented before, DD is one of the few leading Conservatives to have demonstrated a genuine interest in practical public service policy-making. He was instrumental in setting up the excellent Reform thinktank, which has energetically developed a public service reform package based squarely on customer choice. Customer choice, that is, in the real sense of putting the health and education spending power directly in the hands of customers. As opposed to wibbling on about customer choice but actually leaving the spending power in the hands of one or other breed of bureaucrat.

Mitchell also gives some unsurprising advice to those young whippersnappers Cameron and Osborne:

“Someone recently gave me a bottle of Château Latour 2000. I think it would be wiser for me to leave it in the bottle for quite a few years yet before I open it, and I would give the same advice to some of the younger leadership contenders,” he said.

(Actually, using Chateau Latour as an analogy isn't really going to help us win back the inner cities, Andy. But I know your heart's in the right place so we'll let it go this time)

Meanwhile, in the Torygraph David "James Report" James says of DD:

"If the Conservatives can identify a better candidate than him then they will be rich in resources indeed."

I think that's a thumbs-up.


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