Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Leadership Market Shapes DD Shadow Cabinet

With DD streets ahead at the bookies, the punters are naturally turning their attention to his Shadow Cabinet.

One version goes:

Leader: David Davis
Deputy Leader & Shadow Foreign Secretary: William Hague
Shadow Chancellor: George Osborne
Shadow Constitutional Affairs: Oliver Letwin
Opposition Chief Whip: David MacLean
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons: Eric Forth
Shadow Culture: Boris Johnson
Shadow Defence: Michael Ancram
Shadow International Development: John Bercow
Shadow Education: Andrew Lansley
Shadow Environment: Julie Kirkbride
Shadow Health: Dr Liam Fox
Shadow Home: David Cameron
Shadow Industry: John Redwood
Shadow Community: Caroline Spelman
Shadow “Regions” (I like that one): Malcolm Rifkind
Shadow Transport: Damian Green
Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury: Andrew Mitchell
Shadow Work: David Willetts

Just a bit of fun. I should stress that. Just a bit of fun.

But just remember the bookies have got a much better record than the pundits.

So if I were an aspiring Shadow Cabinet member not on the list, I might be thinking about lending some public support to DD pretty sharpish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Osborne did a very nervous first shadow chancellor speech in the commons. But boy, isn't he a dish.

3:28 PM  

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