Monday, May 16, 2005

Jockeys jockeying

The Times reports on the herd of leadership jockeys stampeding through the TV and radio studios:


Liam Fox: GMTV
Andrew Lansley: The Politics Show, BBC One
John Redwood: Jonathan Dimbleby programme, ITV
Tim Yeo: Sunday with Adam Boulton, Sky
Damian Green: The World at One, BBC Radio 4
David Cameron: newspaper interview
George Osborne: had agreed to go on Breakfast with Frost, before Michael Howard was booked instead
Ken Clarke: dominated the Sunday newspapers after a Today programme interview
Francis Maude: The Westminster Hour, BBC Radio 4'

Most of them were tieless, clearly unmoved by Yeo's widely reported statement that “The idea that you are a moderniser just because you can appear on television without a tie is wrong.”

DD sensibly confined himself to issuing a statement on his Home Office brief.


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