Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hezza and BBC still backing Ken

Hezza popped up again on Today this am- the second time in a fortnight- to promote his old mate Ken.

Mr Naughty gave him the usual respectful hearing, obviously in complete agreement with H's point that only anti-European extremists could possibly object to Ken. Naturally Naughty failed to mention that Ken is a fellow BBC employee, with his new Jazz series starting on the wireless next week.

Two more Lords later appeared on The Week In Westminster.

The Badger thought the final contest would be between DD and Rifkind, although he also spoke very warmly of Cameron who was working for him during the great EMU disaster. (Incidentally, just whose brilliant idea was it to have poor old Norm read out his 'this has been a very difficult day' statement outside the Treasury all those years ago- ashen faced, blinking into the TV lights, nervously pushing back his hair, and looking exactly like the final days in the bunker? It turned a straightforward financial cock-up into an iconic image of Tory economic incompetence, added to the national family album alongside Chamberlain with that piece of paper.)

The second Norman Lord, Fowler, wouldn't even be drawn that far.


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