Friday, May 27, 2005

Guardian Fingers DD "Attack Blog"

The Guardian notes:

'The last time he stood for the Tory leadership, Mr Davis launched his own rather rudimentary website,, on which he posed in climbing gear and Frederick Forsyth praised "the cut of his jib". Sadly, that relic of Mr Davis' ambitions is now defunct, and his friends have adopted a rather more sophisticated approach to campaigning before the battle begins. You could call it an attack blog.'


It goes on:

"Derek - button it please" orders the most recent entry, refering to Davis supporter Derek Conway's outburst in the Telegraph today. Got that, Derek?'

Eh? Are they talking about us?

'Yesterday, "Wat Tyler", as the author styles himself, published a provocative little list of shadow cabinet members. "Just a bit of fun," he wrote. Yeah, right.'

Well, now look...obviously I'm thrilled at being noticed, so thank you very much.

But the whole truth is that we have absolutely no connection with DD, nor any of 'his friends'. We are just a group of blogging punters- albeit including grassroots Party members- who really really want to have DD as leader.

We picked up Derek Conway, not because we were being instructed to do so, but simply because of the unhelpful way his behaviour played out here on the receiving end.

OK, in all the excitement we may also have strayed somewhat from our original idea, which was to focus and disseminate DD's positives, rather than pick on the negatives of other candidates.

But you know, we can't just sit out here and watch while those guys in grey (and chalkstripe) suits do their damnedest to screw things up.

Attack blog, eh?

It has a certain ring.


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