Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Go On Ken, You Know You Want To

With the European Issue put to bed by French and Dutch Voters, Federast Ken Clarke is said to think his chances have improved. Now the Wets are coming out in force to persuade him to run.
Kenneth Clarke, the former Conservative chancellor, was being urged by Tory moderates to stand for the party leadership last night as the Government prepared to abandon plans for a referendum on the European Union constitution.
Of course a referendum would have killed his chances entirely but what difference does it really make?
MPs on the Left and centre of the party said Mr Clarke was now in a strong position to lead a "grand coalition" of moderates against the favourite, David Davis, who is from the centre-Right.
It may be the time to point out one or two things to those who want Clarke to stand.
  1. David Davis is a far more impressive character than IDS, who was able to defeat Clarke last time he stood.
  2. With Davis creating such momentum, the chances of a Right Wing challenger is receding.
  3. The Conservative party as a whole is more Eurosceptic than it was.
Much it seems depends on David Cameron.
One plan that is gaining support among MPs is for 64-year-old Mr Clarke to stand on a "dream ticket" with David Cameron, the 38-year-old education spokesman as his deputy.
Does this not look like surrendering the next election? We set up the leader of the future as deputy to the old timer, who will be nearly 70 by the next election. Such a structure would have made a lot of sense in 1997. Now it just looks like suicide.

Despite being a good performer and a successful former chancellor, Ken Clarke is too old and too Europhile to get the nod. Were he successful, UKIP would have the biggest party in their history, a fact that will not have escaped many of those who will make the choice.

With this in mind, I hope he stands. It will be a great help to the David Davis Campaign.

So our advice to Mr Clarke is; go on Ken, you know you want to



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