Monday, May 30, 2005

Friend or Foe?

Some of Mr Davis’s supporters have been raising the spectre of a return to Tory infighting. Inpatient with the idea of a lame duck leader, some have been calling for his head.

Such moves are not in the interest of Davis’s leadership bid, which is gaining momentum despite the efforts of those who wish to stop him. Mr Davis himself is aware of this and made moves to quiet things down.
Dispelling rumours of a campaign to unseat Mr Howard in the coming weeks, Mr Davis called on Tory MPs to calm down and to turn their fire on the Labour Government.
The government is potentially facing a rough time and this offers a good opportunity to attack them. In calling for unity, he is trying to widen his appeal to those who are not his natural constituency.

In contrast, those intemperate folks who are flying off the handle are likely to do the favourite harm. They are playing into the hands of his rivals.

Let me give you a hint. Now that the French have given the Constitution the old two fingers, the Europhile’s favourite may well throw his hat in the ring. This is a massive opportunity. The EU of ever closer union is dead. Ken Clarke and his ilk are now to go the way of the dinosaurs.

If Clarke starts to look like he will stand undermine him indirectly by attacking the EU pointing out how irrelevant it has become to the problems that we all face. Constantly ask the rhetorical question, why should the French be the only ones to have a say over Europe. This will kill two birds with one stone. Undermine all bids by the Wets, especially Clarke, whilst putting the government under pressure.

It beats infighting hands down.

In the words of Julie Kirkbride, a Davis Ally:
I would hope that the party recognised the enormous benefits of being united and disciplined if we are to be attractive to the electorate. We will have in place a new leader by the end of the year and we should take that timetable in our stride."
Hear Hear. Lets use our firepower against the government. Do it in such a way as to bring to the fore those issue on which our man has an advantage. Ultimately the winner of the contest will be the one who shows the most potential to lead the entire party to victory next time. Lets not loose sight of that.



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