Thursday, May 26, 2005

Derek- Button It Please

Several comments around the blogs today to the effect that Derek Conway's intervention via TV interview yesterday was "ill-judged".

Conway told ITV News 'that many people were unhappy at the prospect of Howard staying on until December.

Asked whether MPs were considering collecting 30 names needed to bring about a vote of confidence, he said: "We are counselling caution rather than action, but groups of people are talking about it."

Derek, we understand your frustration, and we know you're only trying to achieve what we all want. But we don't think it's very helpful for you to stir like that on telly. It plays in our living rooms as disloyalty, and it just serves to fuel the media storyline of us as a party of plots and plotters.

We know others are doing the same, but- at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious- you are known as a longtime supporter of DD and your interventions inevitably reflect directly on him.

So perhaps you would just button it...for all our sakes.

(And...umm, I hesitate to mention this, I really do. But that chalkstripe suit- it's got to go. At least in front of the cameras. Yes, I know, I know. But whether we like it or not, telly image is important. Terry Wogan may be able to get away with double-breasted pinstripe, but we can't. Nobody's suggesting going the whole pink shirt Francis Maude hog, but maybe you could just...slip your jacket off next time. There's a love.)

Update: According to the Evening Standard: 'Sources close to Mr Davis said Mr Conway's intervention was "unhelpful" and denied any involvement in spreading the speculation. But some MPs saw the comments as a provocative threat to Mr Howard's position.'


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