Thursday, May 26, 2005

DD Still "The Man To Beat"

CLN reports Andrew "Mr Jackie Ashley" Marr's statement on the World At One that DD was TMTB.

But as with all Andy's reporting, we're only likely to understand the real story if we correct for political parallax.

The starting point is that Marr would not want DD to win. He'd figure another right-winger might well speed the destruction of the Tories, but that would mean Labour in power for ever. Which wouldn't be healthy for parliamentary democracy. Much better to have a decent "modernised" Tory party offering a centrist managerial alternative.

So he'd be very receptive to interested parties who might hold a similar view. Which is why, after he'd fingered DD as TMTB, he went onto say say that none of the alternative contenders had yet 'got up steam'. But crucially, that could change the longer the whole process lasts.

So there was a message to Tory backbenchers who don't want DD: 'yes, all my whisperers do confirm that DD is TMTB, and right now TINA. But don't give up yet because there are other old (and maybe not so old) boilers still stoking up. And for Gawd's sake don't derail Howard's leadership slowtrain, because it's the only hope you've got.'

Does it mean that DD really is TMTB?

Maybe, but we all know that's the kiss of Heseltine/Portillo.

(I've now convoluted so many metaphors and acronyms that I need to lie down.)


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