Monday, May 23, 2005

DD on the Sofa

The full text of DD's session on Frost's yellow sofa is here, and you can also watch the video.

Several people- including Mrs Tyler- have been saying things like 'the trouble with DD is that he's not a great talker- keeps fluffing his lines, and going'

Well, I thought he came across very well on Frost- genuine, smiley, and sounding like he was actually trying to answer the questions. So unlike The Blessed Leader.

OK, Frost isn't Paxo, and, as we've said before, DD isn't Churchill. But he's certainly a real bloke who sounds like he'll grip the issues.

Here are some snippets:

'The most shocking statistic for me is that less than a quarter of women under 55 voted Conservative. [And] we've still got ten per cent of the electorate to win over if we're going to make a government. So we've got to come into the next election with a very clear image of what we stand for and I think we've got to be more idealistic about our approach to politics.

Socialism is our opponent but actually cynicism is our enemy in politics. There's too much cynicism about politics now and we've got to start talking about what we're trying to achieve rather than the mechanics of the internal market or this and that.

I'm a low tax Tory. I want to see decentralised government and I want to see power given out to the people. But what I really want to see is that people understand what we stand for is in their interest, whether they're less well off, whether they're weak, whether they're vulnerable, whatever.'

'I'm a low tax Tory, I always have been. I take the view that high taxes make everybody poorer. They slow down invention, they slow down innovation, they cut incentives, they slow down the growth rate and the country then doesn't grow as fast. And we're going to see some of that in this parliament coming up.'

'So our policy is about tax reduction, giving power back to parents and to patients, giving power back to people locally - those policies actually deliver a better life for people.

We have to make the case for radical decentralisation from now, because it takes time to get across to people that giving you control over schooling will actually lead to higher standards of schooling. Giving you control over where you go to hospital actually leads to high standards in hospitals. We haven't made that case clearly and it takes four years to make it.'

'It's a deregulatory agenda, it's a low tax agenda and it's a freedom-based agenda, but actually aimed at the strongest part of the British character, and that is their own initiative and their own drive.'

'When I was chairman I said the test of a Tory policy is not just how it helps the well off, it's how it helps everybody, most importantly the weakest from our society. That's been the watchword of my entire career and I'll continue to stand by that.'

To be honest, I'm still pinching myself to hear our probable next leader outing himself all the time as 'a low tax Tory'. Please tell me I'm not dreaming all this.


Blogger Albion Blogger said...

I found your Blog today via A Tangled Web - I didn't think there'd be a blog devoted to one particular leadership contender but I'll definitely drop by as time allows.

I covered the Frost interview myself today. I have seen Davis interviewed three times now and he's always seemed relaxed, coherent and sensible to me. I hope the Party's attempts to derail him fail. As I point out in my post, it's his conservatism that makes him unpopular with the Conservatives. Bizarre, isn't it?


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