Saturday, May 28, 2005

DD Leashes Dogs

The authoritative Trevor Kavanagh reports:

'TORY hardman David Davis last night called allies to heel after they were accused of bullying his leadership opponents.'

He picks up a story first reported in yesterday's Evening Standard which said:

'An ally of Mr Davis was accused of trying to bully backbenchers into supporting his campaign to succeed Michael Howard.

The veteran figure warned one wavering MP: "You know what happens to those who sit on the fence - they end up getting shafted."

Enviably sandwiched between Crazy Frog and 'a bouncy blonde to get you in the mood for hols', Kavanagh adds:

'A Tory MP accused the ex-SAS man’s team of “holding MPs up with a knife against the wall”.

Another said: “Unless David calls off his dogs, these tactics will backfire against him — even if he becomes leader.”

But one supporter said: “David doesn’t want to take the leadership as the candidate who knifed Michael Howard.”

Still less does he want to be the candidate who failed to take the leadership because he knifed MH.

We've had quite enough of guys like that.


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