Sunday, May 29, 2005

DD Joins Men In Shirts

The Sunday Torygraph uses another of its DD open-neck shirt pix to illustrate his call for supporters to cool it.

He tells them:

"The Conservative Party is facing some fairly serious decisions and it ought to address them in a calm frame of mind. I hope we can do that and also return to the fray in attacking the Labour Party, which is now more exposed than it has been for some time. Now more than ever, it is important that we are unified in our attack on the Government."

And after those unappetising ructions last week, it sounds like Parliamentary supporters may now swallow their frustration and reluctantly climb aboard Howard's slowtrain timetable:

"Anyone who initiated an election now would be clinically insane," said one. "Why would you want the PR disaster of taking Michael Howard out and shooting him?

"Michael has handled this whole thing incredibly badly but David does not want to fight for the leadership against this background. There is nothing in it for him or the party to look like we are being spiteful towards Michael."

Early supporter Julie Kirkbride said:

"I understand that colleagues are upset but we can iron out those elements of the reforms that have caused disagreement in a civilised fashion. We don't need to be hotheaded and talk of a leadership election yet."

Quite right Julie...although from out here...well, seven months is still a hell of a long time for Tony's free run...and that October Conference is going to be very awkward with a limping duck at the controls.

Given this whole unfortunate mess, couldn't you all- mods, rockers, trads, Notting Hillistas, nasties, sweeties, philes, phobes, left, right- just grit your teeth and do what really needs to be done: an uncontested coronation for the the Dream Ticket of the two Davids.


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