Monday, May 23, 2005

The Consignia Party

Modernisers continue to hanker after the trappings of rebranding. Poor rudderless Andrew Lansley is the latest, telling the Times:

“The point of saying we should describe ourselves as the Reform Conservatives was that it does not require the name of the Conservative Party to change: the Labour Party is still the Labour Party. They called themselves new Labour to indicate to the public that they had changed themselves and therefore were going to change the country. The public needs to be aware that the Conservative Party has reformed itself and is going to reform the country.”

It's like the new CEO who realises the problems are much worse than he feared, doesn't have a clue how to sort them out, so instead devotes his energies to redesigning the corporate logo, or moving the head office.

Andy, we need a leader with spades full of balls who's going to get a grip on the stuff that really counts.


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