Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 9

Tom Watson gives us a plug and says:

'Tips for the top spot? Hmmm. Tricky one that as we don't know what the electoral system is. I just cannot understand why they can possibly think that depriving the members of a vote will get the best outcome. It could be argued that last time, members of the Conservative Party were deprived of the leader they wanted - Michael Portillo - because Conservative MPs conspired to keep him off the shortlist.

It should be a generally regarded principle that members will vote for the most able leader who has the best chance of electoral success. MPs will vote for the rival they dislike the least ;-) OK, that was a bit tongue in cheek but its just crazy logic to deprive hard working members a say in who leads their party.

So basically, I haven't got a clue. Probably Davis but he does inspire peculiarly venomous responses from some of his colleagues.'

Oh, Tom Watson? Didn't I say? He's the Labour MP for West Bromwich East.

We'll certainly pop him on our list.

And 'I wasn't aware there were any grass roots Conservative bloggers' Zoe: there's me, I guess.


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