Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bloggers for Davis 6

Pancroft gives us a helpful plug, and identifies another blogger for Davis- Pleasant Pastures at The Campaign for Real Conservatism who says:

'For the sake of our Party and our Country, it has got to be David Davis. His military experience means he will not shirk from the fight - the fight for real Conservative values. The fight against Mr. Blair. The fight against Mr. Brown. And the fight for our way of life against Brussels.

So, go forth and spread the word that the only viable future for our Party and our Country is Mr. Davis. Campaign in your local association. Contact your Conservative MP. Write to your local newspaper. And never surrender our democratic right to elect the leader of our party.'

And judging from the tone of Pancroft's remarks, I think it's time to add him to our Bloggers For Davis list:

'Other candidates should weigh up how much public support they enjoy throughout the party- whether or not our democratic right to pick our leader is taken away from us- and unite behind the best-placed conservative to win- not just the bast-placed Conservative. If that is David Davis- as increasingly seems likely- the likes of Fox, Redwood and Rosindell should expect to be rewarded accordingly in the fullness of time. Our party used to put a premium on loyalty, and only when we get in line and stick to our mission will we be ready for government again.'


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